Registration Online (ROL) 2022-2023



Before you start the ROL process, we recommend that you have the following information handy:

  • Parents and/or Guardian photo: If the photo doesn't appear on the screen of the ROL, you need to upload one  How to attach a photo?
  • Student personal ID (DNI, Residence Card or Diplomatic Card) saved electronically in a file in your computer, in case it has been updated during the past academic year 2021-2022.   How to attach an image?
  • Physician's information: Name and phone numbers
  • Emergency contact information: Two names and phone numbers (other than mother, father or guardian) if applicable
  • Private family insurance information: Name of the insurance company, policy number and expiration date
  • Data of authorized persons to pick up your child/children on a regular basis: Names, ID numbers and relationship/position
  • Family vehicles: License plate, make, color and year
  • Data of authorized people to pick up your child/children in case of an earthquake, fire, etc.: Names, ID numbers and relationship/position
  • Student´s updated vaccination record and COVID vaccination card (if applicable)

The ROL process must be completed by the father, mother or guardian.

The options you chose last year (share contact information, permissions for student's photos/videos, etc.) will be reflected in this year's ROL process.  If you need to make changes, you will be able to make them now.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Mrs. Vanessa Alexandro at the Office of Admissions (

Please note that once you have completed the Registration Online (ROL), you will not have access to re-enter.